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Jane was walking along; it had been raining all day long therefore the air smelled like fresh spring. She was enjoying every moment of it. The necklace that she had worn for as long as she could remember had been flickering for about a week and a half now. Number one it had never flickered before, so she had no clue that it was even able to do so. After a few days she just ignored it and continued on with her life. Since Jane had decided that she was going to return to school and get her master’s in Norse Mythology studying had taken up quite a bit of her time away from her, that and writing her thesis paper, and taking care of all of Tony Stark’s personal paperwork, chores at home, making his run for scotch and a million other things that he apparently couldn’t do without her. She thought it was high time for her to take some time for herself. Thunder boomed up above her head and she smiled. Thunder reminded her of her favorite person, Thor. She had only seen him once and that was right after Tony hired her, she remembered that he called her Miss Odinson at first by mistake. It took him at least ten times before he pronounced her last name Odassiosn right. Although she wouldn’t mind at all if her last name somehow became Odinson, but that was only in her wildest dreams. Why would a god have anything to do with someone like her after all? Jane begin to sing to herself a riddle that she had learned during her studying of Norse Mythology. “And to the earth and the heavens shall bring with them peace and meet to the bridge and the rainbow’s elite. “She wasn’t quite sure what that meant and it took her nearly forever to translate this but she eventually managed to do so. Suddenly her necklace shined brighter than it ever did. The words “Forever Protected by the house of Od..”Lit up and flashed finally revealing the last two letters. “Odin.” She gasped. So that’s who saved me from Loki’s wrath when he killed my parents….Her mind was only left to ponder this thought for a moment before the skies opened up and a tunnel appeared taking Jane up into the air, by the time she could manage to get a scream out she looked around and found herself face to face with a tall man in gold armor. “I am the guardian of Asgard, who are you?” Jane stood, she could see behind the man, a bridge, a rainbow bridge. “I-I-I’m Jane Odassiosn.”

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