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Party at Stark Tower

Word had already gotten out that it was Jane’s birthday and one way or another there would be a party. Stark looked for any reason to throw a good party and Jane knew how to throw one by this point. The lobby of Stark Tower had shut down early so that decorations ,catering services, the band and of course the bar could be set up. The party was about to start so Jane thought it best to go change. Guests were already starting to show up so she instructed the band to start playing. She goes into her room and changes into her red dress that Tony had bought her for her birthday. It was backless, haltertop and goes all the way down to the floor, the slit goes all the way up to almost her hip. One of her dear friends helped her with her hair, it was down around her shoulders with a silver diamond pendent in it. Her makeup was classic and clean. Around her neck her normal protection necklace sat. She thought to herself for a moment and then decided to take it off, she would be surrounded by people who could offer fabulous protection. Instead she put on her ruby necklace that was given to her by a secret admireror for her birthday.

Jane looks into the mirror and takes everything in for a moment. Here it was the big 25. She closed her eyes and prayed, thanking god for everything that he had blessed her with. She had amazing friends, people she considered her family and she loved her life. By the time she opens the door and heads to the lobby mostly everyone has arrived. The decorations are absolutly beautiful, they are silver, blue, and white. The band was playing an upbeat song and everyone had smiles on their faces. This was going to be an awesome night. Jane goes over to the table and pours herself a small glass of scotch, she had been around Tony far too long scotch was becoming her favorite drink.

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